Lost in Transition?

A three-day festival about the collaborative economy

Paris. May 20-22 at Cabaret Sauvage

1000 collaborative economy visionaries, coming together for three days of conference, co-creating and connecting.

OuiShare Fest is a three-day festival about the collaborative economy, taking place at the Cabaret Sauvage in Paris from May 20-22, 2015.

In its 3rd year, the event will gather 1000 people to explore the future of movements such as collaborative consumption, open source, makers and fablabs, coworking, crowdfunding, alternative currencies and horizontal governance - movements that are transforming cities, organizations and civic action worldwide.

Yet the pioneers of these movements face many challenges today. They must solve complex issues, from regulation, to financing, to organization in times of environmental, economic and societal uncertainty.

Lost in Transition?

Transition, transformation, shift: these are words we hear a lot lately to express how the economy, environment, politics and business are changing. What exactly are we transitioning to? What direction would we like to go in? What could a collaborative society look like?

Entrepreneurs and social innovators, non-profit and business leaders, grassroots activists and public officials are gathering in Paris to ask these questions together and look for possible answers. They are coming to debate, build and co-create the transition to a collaborative society. Will you join them?


Key topics


Collaborative consumption

#Sharing: People connecting to swap, rent, borrow, gift or trade goods and services.


Crowdfunding & person-to-person banking

#Capital: Funding projects by enabling circulation of capital and equity between individuals


Open Source & Open Knowledge

#Commons: Giving everyone equal access to knowledge, data, source code or designs.


Makers & Distributed Production

#Makers: Democratizing design & distributing production of physical goods through DIY, open knowledge, fablabs and makerspaces.


Horizontal Governance

#Empowerment: Using networks and collaborative practices to transform organizations and institutions.


  • Carlota Perez

    Carlota Perez
    London School of Economics

    We want OuiShare Fest to be an event that anyone can join. There are many ways you can attend, from contributing to the festival by co-creating a session to becoming a volunteer. .

    If you cannot contribute to the festival organization and have little or no financial resources, we are offering 50 tickets for 50 € upon application, as well as a small number of fully sponsored tickets that will be financed by donations from paying attendees. Apply for hacker and sponsored tickets.


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    Get Involved

    As the next OuiShare Fest comes closer, there will be many ways you can get involved in its organization or participate as a partner. Volunteer applications and our open call for contributions to the program are open now.

    Join the Fest as a volunteer. Apply from 12.01.15-27.02.15!
    Apply for the OuiShare Awards
    Become a OuiShare Fest partner

    About OuiShare

    OuiShare is a global community and think and do-tank. Our mission is to build and nurture a collaborative society by connecting people, organizations and ideas around fairness, openness and trust. We believe that economic, political and social systems based on these values can solve many of the complex challenges the world faces, and enable everyone to access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

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