To make this a truly collaborative experience, the festival will feature 3 days of interactive sessions in 4 areas, mixing traditional formats such as keynotes, panels and Q & As’ with participative formats such as unpanels, co-creation workshops, networking sessions, and many more you have never heard of.


Sustainability And The Collaborative Economy

Can The Collaborative Economy Really Address Resource And Climate Crises?

The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized

Beyond Bitcoin: How Blockchain, Indie Tech And Decentralized Web Applications Are Distributing Power And Value

The New Spirit Of Collaboration

Culture, Philosophy And Spirituality In The Collaborative Society

Capital In The Collaborative Century

Can Crowdfunding, Co-operatives And Cryptoequity Address Tensions on Capital, Ownership And Value In The Age of Networks?

The Peer, The Platform And The Corporation

How Can Legacy Businesses Join The Collaborative Transformation?

Collaborative Economy and Social Impact

Bridging The Gap Between Solidarity And Collaborative Economies: Can Collaborative Models Address Inequality And Exclusion?

Myths And Realities Of The Maker Movement

DIY, Fab Labs, Makerspaces, 3D Printing, Open Hardware ... Beyond Buzzwords, Are They The Seeds Of An Industrial Revolution?

Reinventing Democracy

Rethinking Institutions and Policymaking: can Collaboration and Communities Get Us Out of the Current Political Dead-end?

Working With Robots And Without Jobs

Digital Labor, Automation, Platform Capitalism: How Will We Work Tomorrow?

Citizen Science And Collaborative Learning

Creating And Sharing Knowledge By All, For All In A Rapidly Changing World

Building A True Sharing Economy

Shared Value, Regulation, Worker Protection, User Data: Overcoming The Tensions Of The Sharing Economy To Fulfill Its Potential

The Collaborative City

Challenges, Opportunities And Strategies For Local Collaborative Development

Track Leaders

  • David Weingartner
    #Sustainability And The Collaborative Economy
  • Flore Berlingen
    #Sustainability And The Collaborative Economy
  • Joachim Lohkamp
    #The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized
  • Auli Kütt
    #The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized
  • Alexa Clay
    #The New Spirit Of Collaboration
  • Arthur De Grave

    Arthur De Grave
    #The New Spirit Of Collaboration #Building A True Sharing Economy
  • Etienne Hayem
    #Capital In The Collaborative Century
  • Simone Cicero
    #Capital In The Collaborative Century #Myths And Realities Of The Maker Movement
  • Asmaa Guedira
    #The Peer, The Platform And The Corporation #Building A True Sharing Economy
  • Antonin Léonard
    #The Peer, The Platform And The Corporation #Building A True Sharing Economy
  • Khushboo Balwani
    #Collaborative Economy and Social Impact
  • Esra Tat
    #Collaborative Economy and Social Impact
  • Narmada Ramakrishna

    Narmada Ramakrishna
    #Collaborative Economy and Social Impact
  • Ben Tincq
    #Myths And Realities Of The Maker Movement
  • Tomas Mancin
    #Myths And Realities Of The Maker Movement
  • Justyna Swat
    #Myths And Realities Of The Maker Movement
  • Diana Filippova
    #Reinventing Democracy
  • Marco Torregrossa
    #Working With Robots And Without Jobs
  • William van den Broek

    William van den Broek
    #Working With Robots And Without Jobs
  • Célya Gruson-Daniel
    #Citizen Science And Collaborative Learning
  • Eugenio Battaglia
    #Citizen Science And Collaborative Learning
  • Samuel Roumeau
    #The Collaborative City
  • Albert Cañigueral
    #The Collaborative City
  • Le Petit Fest

    Discover OuiShare Fest for 25 €!

    Participate in the full Fest programing on Friday afternoon including keynotes, debates and workshops in all 4 venues, a startup & project pitch session and the OuiShare Awards ceremony. After that, we invite you to stay for an exciting evening full of live concerts, food trucks, Havana's free DIY-Mojito and Club Maté Cocktail bar and the OuiShare Love Party to dance the night away.

    Doors open Friday, 22.05. at 14h00.

    Satellite events

    OuiShare Fest will not only happen at the Cabaret Sauvage. There will be satellite events all over Paris and all over the world!

    OuiShare Love Party

    To bring OuiShare Fest to a close, join us for an all-night long party at our magical event venue, the Cabaret Sauvage.

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