On the path to Zero Waste

OuiShare Fest 2015: on the path to Zero Waste, join us on this journey!

What is a Zero Waste event?

A Zero Waste Event is any one-time program, occasion or event that does everything possible to reduce and divert waste from landfills and incinerators.

This entails planning ahead to reduce solid waste from the event, limit the use of unnecessary items, reusing various elements as well as having clear signage to guide participants as to how to make use of proper receptacles. This also must be applied as the event wraps up, ensuring that nothing is left behind.

Why Zero Waste?

Festivals and conferences create an insane amount of waste. We want to ensure that we are conscious of the environmental footprint we leave behind and that we are FESTing responsibly.

Since Sustainable Development is an important value shared among the OuiShare community and innovation, equipment pooling, sharing resources and circular economy are embodied in the OuiShare philosophy, Zero Waste is a new concept that we’re putting in place this year. As we’re only in the beginning stages, it’s still very much a work-in-progress. We hope that with this event, we will set a precedent in France and internationally.

Some things we’re doing this year:

New: Virtual Goodie Bags
The traditional goodie bag is now being replaced by digital goodies, such as gift certificates for products or services, helping to reduce the distribution of unnecessary gifts.

No stands and flyers
Yes that’s right! And the same goes for our partners.

Reusable plates and cups
Ouikit was created after the first edition of the Fest, gathering reusable materials (eco-cups, cutlery, plates, etc.) that we use for all of our events to avoid using disposable tableware.

New: dry toilets!!!
We will have dry toilets this year to ensure that we reduce water consumption and contribute to the safe composting of our bodily waste ;).

No leftovers!
Our team is ensuring that enough food will be provided throughout the event to satisfy all participants but that portions are not unnecessarily large. Uneaten lunch sandwiches will be provided over break sessions and we are currently in search of an association to donate all of our unconsumed food to.

In the past we were able to transform the banners from OuiShare Fest into information kits available to speakers. This year we are going to continue the tradition, transforming materials from the Fest into materials for future events.

This is only beginning and we still have more work to do.

Help us on our path to Zero Waste!

Spread the word, consume responsibly and incorporate Zero Waste in your everyday life. If you want to organize a Zero Waste event, we’d love to hear about it.

For a full list of all our Zero Waste Activities as well as areas we need to work on

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